Love to West Africa 2015 Let’s Expand our Territory in Love

For people in the United States, we are so used to the buzzing shopping malls, sparkling Christmas trees and endless feasts during the holiday season. However, in the distant villages in West Africa, even a piece of clothes, a light bulb and a bite of cracker would be considered a luxury.

We thank God for your generosity over these years. Your contribution has allowed us to send tens of thousands of Christmas gifts to children in West Africa, to make a difference in their lives and to give them an opportunity to experience the abundance, joy, hope and love of Jesus Christ.

As the number of countries we supported is increasing, the need is even greater. We appreciate your generosity. We pray that God will continue to touch our hearts and expand our territory in love.

 With $15 you would be able to purchase a Christmas gift for the children in poor West African villages. We sincerely invite you to support “Love to West Africa” now. God Bless!

Gift Boxes: ($15 per Gift Box)

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