A Somber Start of New Year in Tainan amid Deadly Quake


A magnitude 6.4 powerful earthquake hit the Southern part of Taiwan on Feb. 6, Tainan was the most devastated city. Four days after the quake, the death toll rose to 41 while some 500 people were injured, 109 people were reported lost.  River of Life Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign for Tainan earthquake, calling on the Chinese community in North America to donate for the disaster relief effort.

Even though the epicenter was located at Kaohsiung, the nearby city of Tainan has seen more damages. Many buildings cracked, toppled or even collapsed during the earthquake. The 17-story Weiguan Jinlong residential building in Tainan’s Yongkang District was left lying on its side on the road, killing at least 39 people. The youngest death was a 10-day-old baby girl. 

The quake rattled Taiwan just before the Chinese New Year. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, rescue team members sacrificed their family time and stayed at the disaster zone to look for survivors. Without a proper New Year’s Eve meal, they had lunch boxes, bread and soup made by local charities and volunteers instead. As the golden time for rescue has ended, the team does not give up easily. They are still digging into the rubble, hoping for a miracle. People desperately need clothes, drinking water, food and temporary shelter. 

River of Life Foundation has long been participating in relief effort at major disaster zones worldwide. We are actively contacting relief agencies in Tainan to understand the needs of the affected areas. 

River of Life Foundation president Steve Wang said, before the quake families in Tainan must have gathered and prepared for the Chinese New Year joyfully, but everything changed overnight, people lost their homes, friends and relatives, the pain is truly unspeakable. He encourages the Chinese community to contribute generously for the relief effort. 

For online donation, select the "Tainan Earthquake" in online form. You may also write a check payable to “ROLF”, indicate "Tainan Earthquake" and send to 1177 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054. For any inquiries, please call: 408-567-0877.

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